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Personal FIFA 17 Squad with 550k

This FIFA 17 Squad has two players, TOTS Icardi and Thiago Silva, on 7 chem. Let me run you through it. If you need cheap fifa coins, just click.

Formation: 41212(2) - Shouldn't need much explaining, one of the best and most balanced formations in the game, allows for great passing play as well as quick counters.

Goalkeeper: Leno - the cheap Neuer, ridiculously OP

Defenders: Alaba - best LB in the game, period. Boateng - big, strong, fast and decent on the ball. Do watch out that you allow him to get back in position when he wanders forward to take his long throw ins. Thiago Silva - not as good as Boateng, but an amazing defender nonetheless. H/H next to M/M might be an issue, if so you could use his very OP compatriot Marquinhos. Dani Alves - great pace, great aggression, great longshots. With stay back while attacking set he's an amazing full back.

Midfielders: iMOTM Krychowiak - good passing, pace and dribbling paired with extraordinary defending and physical, with good height and workrates as well. Di Maria - high pace and dribbling means he is lethal on the attack, but will also chase attackers when on defense. If you want more defensive stability, use Matuidi. Pogba - best box to box mid in the game, don't forget to just let it rip from distance now and again. TOTS Ben Arfa - if you happen to be on this sub regularly, you will know that I need not say anything more about this guy.

Attackers: TOTS Ben Yedder - pace, shooting, dribbling, two-footed, amazing. TOTS Icardi - the 2-star skills could be a problem for you, but personally I love my skills and he was still the best striker I've used in this game. He has the pace, agility and strength to get away from defenders, and he is so clinical it's unfair.