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FIFA 17 Rating Prediction - Kevin de Bruyne

When Kevin de Bruyne joined Manchester City for a club record fee north of £50million, the club may have worried he would take a little time readjusting to the league. If you need fifa 17 xbox 360 coins, welcome to our site.

Nope. Not even a game. De Bruyne hit the ground running, sprinting, in a way the Sterling didn’t. Thankfully for Sterling, KdB joined the team after him for a larger fee and was able to deflect some of the spotlight from the former Liverpool player.

The 25-year-old only was hampered by one injury or he would have had double-digit goals and assists in the Prem in his first season with Manchester City, but de Bruyne still got 7 goals and 9 assists in 22 starts.

As de Bruyne excelled in Germany then continued to excel once he returned to England, Chelsea fans lamented the fact that he didn’t exactly get the fairest chances to succeed in West London. That’s the nature of money rich clubs, there’s almost always someone there ready to replace you and if not, there’s someone ready to be purchased at the first chance. There’s no room for error. So he left, developed, and now he’s back as a world-class talent just entering his prime.

After his true breakout campaign in Wolfsburg, de Bruyne was given an 86. He stayed true to that lofty form at City and is in line for another upgrade to 87.