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[Fun] Need Advice on More Advanced FUT Tips

I am brand new to FIFA this year and I am hooked, I love the ultimate team game mode for EA but I wanted to know more of the details. I am currently learning the leagues to follow this upcoming year but anyways would love some answers to these questions! By the way, I find a good site to buy fifa 17 coins -

So in hut there are a lot of team of the weeks and player of the games, but it seems to be throughout the entire year that soccer occurs so does the market ever drop like crazy during the year? I would assume when the big leagues start in September?

Is there anything like a movemeber in fut, a movemeber is a special card that will constantly upgrade throughout the year whenever that player receives a special card(like a team of the week)

There seems to be a lot more on strategy in this game then in hockey. I have about 80-90 games in fifa already and I wanted to know the best formations for specific play styles(Im assuming there is a thread)

In Nhl packs are appealing but i know they dont ever amount to anything, is that also the case in fifa, or are packs ever worth it.

Does the game ever die out? In hockey the season only lasts until june and then the whole community basically stops playing and the game is over exposed, is that the case in fifa?

In hut once you reach div 1 you are screwed because if you dont have a stacked team and know how to glitch then you are screwed, that also how divison 1 is?
Can you glitch in fifa hahaha? I havent really seen it yet, just a few games where i see some goals from really far out which dont make sense.

I see all of the suggestions in the transfer market when it comes to posting a card, is it difficult to work the market? Do the prices of cards change when the real player preforms better?

How important is chemistry? and how important is fitness? I already learned the 2 squad technique but how low should fitness go before it is bad

Do you guys make a lot of squads or just build two really good squads and rotate them? I currently have made 4 squads that are all hovering around 84-82 overall, 5 stars.

Last question, for now. I have yet to spend a dollar on this game(thank you ea access) But do you eventually find yourselves spending money on packs? If you do spend money what packs to you go for??

Thanks guys and sorry for the long post! Want to get a head start for fifa 17!