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[General] Morata hopes transfer this week

Friday, Mora tower will be married with his girlfriend. At the same time into the marriage hall at the same time, Mora also hope to clear their future career. fut coins "Aspen newspaper" pointed out that Mora hope to transfer Manchester United this week, the transaction price of about 75 million euros.
Mora Tat hopes to complete the transfer of Manchester United or 75 million euros this week
"Aspen newspaper" pointed out that Mora and Manchester United has reached a personal agreement between. Now, only the two clubs to negotiate between the transfer fee. After Grizeman was determined to stay at Atletico Madrid, fifa ultimate team coins Mourinho asked Manchester United to complete the transfer of Mora as soon as possible. Mourinho has had several conversations with Mora Tata and described the blueprint for Manchester United next season.
For Mora Tata, Mourinho knows the grace. It was in the Mourinho era, Mora was promoted into a team. Mourinho had brought Mora to the United States before the season training, and also gave him a chance to play for the first team. Mourinho is not known to train young players, but he is definitely called Mora's Bole.
Real Madrid asking price of 80 million to 90 million euros or so, Manchester United does not intend to meet this asking price, after all, Real Madrid last season to buy Morata only spent 30 million euros. "Aspen newspaper" that the transfer price of Molata will be around 75 million euros.
In Kawahar's view, leaving the team is the ideal choice for Mora: "I understand his mood, he played time is not long, but eager to participate in the World Cup. Maybe leave for him is a better choice, I do not know What will happen in the future, but I hope he can find the best solution.