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[ANN.] Oct. 15 Updates

Updates on Oct. 15
Please pay close attention to the duration of every event.

1. 100% Bonus Goldleaf Giveaway
2. Online Pack Giveaway;
3. OQ Lottery;
4. Mystery Shop Carnival;
  1) Consise Wit Amulet Book
  2) MS Rank
5. Red Dragon’s Lair Exp Up;
6. Crack Veneer on Different Lines;
7. Courage Medal back in Magic Box.

A. Grandest Promotion of All Time: 100% Bonus Goldleaf Giveaway

Event Duration:
Oct. 15 01:00 to Oct. 17 23:59 PDT

Event Details:
The grandest promotion of all time!
During the event (Oct. 15~Oct. 17), when the accumulative Goldleaf you recharge meets certain requirements, you will get 100% bonus Goldleaf in the following 3 weeks.
For example, you accumulatively recharged 40000 Goldleaf during the event, then you are eligible to receive a total of 40000 Goldleaf in the following 3 weeks (33.3% per week).

1. The bonus will be sent to you on Tuesday in those 3 weeks;
2. The recharge you make before Oct. 15 or after Oct. 17 is not eligible for this event;
3. This event is not to be participated circularly.

B. Online Pack Giveaway

Event Duration:
Oct. 15 01:00 to Oct. 21 23:59 PDT

Event Details:
Easy method for folks to obtain bountiful FREE rewards! Hurry to check this benefit!
During the event, players will stay online for each 5 minutes and obtain 1 point.
All points obtained will be accumulated.
Players whose points meet our requirement can exchange for bountiful rewards from Online Exchange NPC – Cecky!
Obtain those rewards right now!


C. OQ Lottery

Event Duration:
Oct. 15 01:00 to Oct. 21 23:59 PDT

Event Details:
Obtain awesome items and be the lucky beggar in OQ Lottery now! Here you can obtain the awesome Lv9 Luck Crystal, Pristine Wings Jigsaw and other advanced or useful rewards by chance! Start your lucky journey right now!

1. During the event, an icon of Lottery will appear in the upper right corner of MI, which will lead players to the Lottery panel;
2. Players can spend OQ Coin to start the lottery. 1 OQ Coin will be obtained by consuming 20 Goldleaf.
3. 2 free OQ Coin will be sent every day during the event to players who login the game;

1. 1 OQ Coin will be obtained after every 20 Goldleaf have been used in game. The Coin will be sent via in-game mail and coin consumption will be accumulated. Say, if you use 105 Goldleaf and obtain 5 OQ Coin, you will then obtain another 1 OQ Coin by spending only another 15 Goldleaf;
2. Any Goldleaf consumed in Shop, MS, Express Recharge, Refreshes will count. However, the Goldleaf consumed in other systems won’t count;

D. Mystery Shop Carnival

Event Duration:
Oct. 15 01:00 to Oct. 21 23:59 PDT

Event Details:
[Carnival Part I]
You may find and purchase Consise Wit Amulet Book only for 1888 Goldleaf in Mystery Shop for this week.

[Carnival Part II]
During the event, players who refresh or purchase items in MS can obtain corresponding points. The Top 10 players on the MS rank will obtain rewards, including Lv72 Purple Set Box, Golden Luck Token and numerous Rune Packs.



Note: Only players with 800+ Points can obtain the Super Rewards

E. Notable News

1. The Exp you obtain from the Red Dragon’s Lair will be 150% of usual for this week;
2. From now on, you may participate in Crack Veneer on different lines;
3. The bug concerning Courage Medal in MB is now fixed.
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Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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When players reach the Finish one day, the Soldiers will return to the Start line and start a new race and the distance will be accumulated;
"Add Mee"

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